Follow the below steps to receive English/French subtitles

To access subtitles via Sky remote:
Press the HELP button and choose subtitles from the option
To access subtitles via Virgin remote:
Press the BLUE button and choose subtitles from the option
Zee Enterprises uses subtitling function which gives an option of choosing the subtitles in English and French languages. We offer subtitles for most of the content on our channels (Zeetv, Zee Cinema, Zing, &tv and Living foodz). Should you wish to change the language between English and French, you will first need to change the primary language of the platform remote control. The remote controls come in various models depending on the year of manufacture and make. In case you have any questions regarding the remote functions please ask your DTH or Cable platform operator for details about using the subtitles. Should you need any assistance in accessing the subtitles or have any queries please email